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Chairman’s Massage

Mr. Alhaj Md. Lokman Hossain, Chairman

Jotey Fashion Limited. Top leading fashion brand in Bangladesh. “Committed to Quality” is our only success story, where we stand. Starting from –since 1990 Jotey fashion Limited –Eastern Mollika (basement) . Capitalized the overwhelming response from our valued customers, we have proudly lunched more outlets one after another in a row such as “JOTEY”- Nur mansion Gausia Market Unstitch three pcs abrics(Than),Weeding Sharee “NEW JOTEY” Eastern plaza (New Market), “M/S JOTEY” Boshundhara City, “JOTEY SHAREE” Jabbar Tower (Gulshan), “JOTEY” Kornofuli Garden City (Kakrail), “JOTEY SHAREE” North Tower (Uttara), “JOTEY MIRPUR” Mirpur, Section-02 (Near Mirpur stadium)“Cause of our affordable price range, trendy design and quality product builds long lasting relation & partnership with the customers” expressed Our Honorable Chairman Mr. Alhaj Md. Lokman Hossain of Jotey Fashion Ltd.

Registered by 2nd January 2008 Jotey Sharee & Textile limited which is the mother company of Jotey Fashion Limited. Eventually we have plans to established the brand“JOTEY” All over in Bangladesh Also In Abroad. We offer quality Products to Our all Customers. Sinuses to compete in today’s digital world. We possess the experience and expertise to help our entrepreneurs reach their customers across the digital space. Our core objective is to help business owners in establishing their Business without the overbearing challenges by technology. We believe in minimizing the effort from the client and maximizing the value of services delivered.


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Managing Director Spech

Managing Director Spech

Managing Director

Mr. Mohammad Sarwar Hossain
Managing Director
Jotey Sharee



Please allow me to start by saying how delighted I am to be joining you here today for Jotey Sharee its a GREAT Campaign.

In my role I am constantly reminded about how well regarded the Jotey Sharee is , Jotey Sharee clearly punches above its weight when it comes to creativity. In culture, innovation, fashion, and creativity we enjoy a unique advantage. We have great Indian designers and high street brands which bring together to create a unique products for Jotey Sharee.

Despite these Sussesses we cannot rest on our laurels. It is important. I am here today representing the GREAT campaign. This campaign was developed in the run-up to the "Jotey Sharee" Jamuna Future Park Branch. In that Branch you can find Sherwani, Panjabi, Branded Cosmetics, Sunglasses, Imitation Jewelry & country’s prosperity, under one common banner.

I am delighted to have had this opportunity to come and talk to you all today, it will play an important role in helping increase recognition of the Jotey Sharee is a great place to shopping and a great innovator and creator in today’s global fashion market.

I would like to thank the Honorable Customers of Jotey Sharee for hosting this Brand & Also So many thanks for their support.

I hope that you enjoy the rest of the day’s  of Jotey Sharee.


Thank you.

Managing Director

Mohammad Sarwar Hossain